Lesung zur Finissage der Projektreihe “sans papiers” – das Leben ist eine Reise.


I was invited as an author regarding my war zone story “Arrak am Abgrund” for the finissage of the art exhibition „sans papier“ in the Berlin art offiece and showroom “Kurt-Kurt.de”, The venue took place on 05th of November and mirrored the past 8 weeks of exhibition, daily events and conferences due to the refugee crisis that hit especially Berlin that time because many migrating people moved to the german capital in short time. Especially ibefore the long and cold winter in northeast Germany a big challenge for the city. Simone Zaugg and Pfelder, the founding members of Kurt-Kurt.de a project office and exhibition room for arts in public space in Moabit, inside the centre of Berlin, realized as well lectures, venues and press conferences due to the migration crisis in their office and the spot was soon frequented by many visitors. AMong the participating artists and authors were as well young artists who recently came from Syria, Iraq or Libya talking in english as well as infrench or german excerpts from the lyrics and prose.


I had the honour to perform as an author during the whole finissage, the closing event. I published the premiere of my work “Arrak am Abgrund/Arraq at the Abyss”, which is a fiction/falf documentary dialogue by WhatsApp between a nephew, talking in Germany with his uncle, who is under siege by islamistic warlords in a valley in the northwest of Syria. The story is both on narration (WhatsApp format) place and time (Syrian War) as well as in style (quite laconic) unique and claimed, especially for this combination and narrated lively, a lot of applause by the audience whereever I read it.

2016 ©Foto: Pfelder, Kurt-Kurt.de

Review on exhibition, finissage and lecture by Daniel Khafif in Kurt Tucholsky birthplace and current art project office, the kurt-kurt.de, published  in Berlin weekly newspaper “Berliner Woche“:

(Shortlink) https://bit.ly/2EjDMnt