The Bing House, Cologne

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The history of the Bing House, Köln  and their founders, the family Bing / Cologn, by Daniel Khafif, author for the “Kölner Stadt Anzeiger“, a leading newspaper well known all over the country.


This report on the varied history of one of the first modern shopping centers in Cologne in the beginning 20th century, more known as “Bing-House” describes its architecture, its place and moreover the history from their founders, the ancient cologne family Bing. Their sad and terrible end was predicted when the national socialist party took control in Germany and therefore as well inthe german rhine region, where the Bings lived since generations.

Public Discurse

The article was highly discussed and acknowledgedt both by the readers of architecture and history as well as by people from the city of cloogne , such as the managing director of the Chamber of industry and commerce of cologne, Dr. Ulrich Soénius. Mr Soénius leads furthermore the Foundation for the industriy history of the rhine and westfalia region in Germany. 

A very helpful and contributing feedback came by ancestors of the Bing family who contacted me after publishing this article which helped them to understand a bit more, what happened to their ancestors. To be honest, it has been a very important as well as sad research for this article, contributing into a sensitive discussion on the past, the  rise and fall of german culture in the beginning of the 20th century, the entrepeneurship of humanistic people like founder Bing, the expropriation, expulsion by the national socialists and the following war, destruction, reconstruction of germany. The article is a mirror of the contemporanean german history taking place in the middle rhine area.


Comment (via shortlink) on Twitter by Dr. Ulrich Soénius, managing director of the chamber of industry and commerce, Cologne (IHK Köln):