Screenplay Translation german > (US) english:

Screenplay Translation german > (US) english

Pilot Movie “When Choosing his enemies”

When Choosing His Enemies is a Series Pitch and Screenplay by
Lutz Attila Windhorst (Author, Producer ) & Urs Rechn (Director, Producer), translated from german into US-english by author/translator Daniel Khafif

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“When Choosing His Enemies”
Season 1 | 8 Episodes | 45-60 minutes
by Lutz Attila Windhorst & Urs Rechn
MIME Production 2018
notarized copyright © 2018 by L.A.Windhorst
English translation: Daniel Wulf Khafif

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At the request of his friend, the police chief Georg Corling, Detective Chief Superintendent Harald Fleischer examines the violent death of BND General Erich Altmann. (BND = Bundes Nachrichten Dienst, the german secret intelligence agency). Fleischer discovers that General Altmann was head of a secret section of the BND.

This department, a relic of the Cold War, manages
sensitive information which, if they should come to light, could turn a powerful company consortium, called Diallele, into ruin – and whose shareholders would be put behind bars. Altmann was given the task to dissolve the department due to austerity measures – and to transfer this
sensitive information in a suitcase to the main building in Berlin.

He suspects, however, that the circle has already infiltrated in the lead of the BND service agency – and aims to bring into the possession of the suitcase during transportation. That’s why he had the information hidden in a modified form of Enigma – encryption and has relied on his last faithful companions to protect the information at any cost.

Altmann sacrifices himself and therefore offers his people a bit more to make the content of the suitcase disappear.

As soon as Harald Fleischer approaches closer to the revelation of this mystery, thus it comes, as predicted by Altmann, to the attack on the van.
The Circle has committed.for this assault “The Wolves”, a powerful troop of former commando soldiers.

However, only the empty suitcase falls into their hands …

Harald digs deeper and deeper. Through his investigations, the help of new and old friends – and his sheer superhuman gift of deduction – he breaks the code. Thus he traces the wolves on the trail and detects, where
the suitcase’s content is situated.

It evolves into a mélange of freshly printed hundred-euro notes, naked hostages, festively dressed theater visitors, mercenaries of the circle – and in the eye of the hurricane: Harald Fleischer. In the end, the
finale will be opened on the forecourt of the Bundesnotendruckerei (Federal currency printing) and the Staatstheater (public theatre) of the small town of Weilheim am Rhein.

Harald gets to know, that his friend, Corling, now is the successor of Erich Altmann within the department.
Hence, Gabriel von Steinfeldt, Alpha and commanding officer of the Wolves, is the real mole of Georg Corling … and von Steinfeldt now is in possession of the suitcase contents.

Last but not least, Harald is asked by Corling to work in the new department.

Does he do it?

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Volume Two: “Agent Pink (Hunting the Dragon)”

© 2018 by Lutz Attila Windhorst